Our team

Sylvia Marcinczyk

Master Skin Therapist, owner of Waxing Ninja

Sylvia Marcinczyk is the owner and director of Waxing Ninja. She is also a certified Master Skin Therapist from USA. Over the last 12 years Sylvia has consistently upgraded her skills to the highest standards and ensured that her current knowledge of beauty industry is always up to date. While perfecting her craft, she remains passionate, enthusiastic and committed to provide her clients with her skills and knowledge of latest beauty trends & innovations. Sylvia uses a science-based approach to skin care thus providing exceptional services and skin care recommendations.

“I am a true believer that beauty therapists are not “jacks of all trades” .If you want to excel in your profession, you need to specialize to gain the knowledge and expertise in your chosen field.” Sylvia’s two specialities are: advanced skin care and precision speed waxing. Both lead to the same end result: improved self confidence, beautiful complexion and silky smooth skin.