Superior Waxing Salon

Waxing salon such as Waxing Ninja in Greensborough, is a waxing salon like no other. We specialise in Brazilian and full body waxing for men and women.

At Waxing Ninja we take pride in our studio’s strict sanitation procedures and policies. We are setting new standards for professionalism and quality  for waxing salons in our area. At Waxing Ninja, all implements and supplies used during waxing service are disposable – one time use only. This procedure prevents cross contamination between clients and transfer of microbial life, that can carry infectious diseases from one person to another. Waxing Ninja adheres to higher standards than deemed necessary by the state or local health departments .

“We want our customers to feel confident that they are getting the best care possible at our waxing salon.” During her career spanning 12 years in the industry, Sylvia , the owner of Waxing Ninja  has seen the after-effects of several bad waxing experiences. “This was one of the reasons why I wanted to open my own salon specialising in waxing. I’ve seen people who have been burnt, or had come for help to me, with wax stuck to their hair as they were forced to walk out on a service somewhere else”.

” I also know many people who go to places that double dip the waxing sticks into the wax. These are not clean and safe procedures to follow. There are also many places where gloves are not worn.” Majority of waxing sites visited by Sylvia didn’t adhere to the Waxing Ninja’s strict hygienic standards. ” Hygiene, Sanitation and Client Safety-this is our priority,” You can feel confident, that your experience at Waxing Ninja will be like no other.


LOCATION   Our convenient location on the corner of Karingal Dr and St.Helena Rd in Greensborough, provides an easy access to our waxing studio.This easy accessibility, makes  Waxing Ninja, the preferred “near me waxing salon” for all your waxing and skin care needs.


PARKING   Waxing Ninja offers easy access, ample free parking in front of our premises.


OPERATING HOURS   Our waxing studio is designed to be by an appointment only facility, open Monday through Friday 7am- 8pm  and Saturday from 7 am- 5pm. These hours were structured to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Whether taking a quick jog in the morning, walking your dog or on your drive to work, you can always stop in, for prompt, thorough wax service. Just send a quick SMS to 0434 882 821821 prior, to secure your appointment. That is all it takes!


AFFORDABLE PRICES   We think our waxing services or custom skin care treatments should be accessible to everyone, not just those with deep pockets. We have a loyalty programs in place for our regular clients that offer generous, rewards. Please click PERKS to check it out.

Our clients are the heart of our business. That is why we focus not just on meeting their needs but consistently exceeding them. Most our clients come to us via referrals, their satisfaction is the key to our success.


WAXING NINJA’S CLIENTS   Our clients come from different walks of life. We wax athletes, bodybuilders, moms and dads, professionals, tradies, tattoo collectors, young men and women, people of different shapes, sizes or ages. You are never too old to get waxed. At our waxing salon,  welcome all genders and transgender men and women. We make the waxing experience so easy and comfortable, that you’d want to come back time and time again.

If this is your first body wax or Brazilian wax- Waxing Ninja is the place to start your waxing journey!